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Join Us for an Illuminating 12 months of Monthly Teaching and Group Coaching!
The Global Magic Teleseminar Series: Embracing Your Valued Self
Your value has nothing to do with what you have achieved, but is intrinsic to your being. Your value comes – automatically – with being a beloved spark of divine consciousness.
Our loving and magical community is ready to welcome you…
Let us walk with you on this journey of harnessing the powerful force of truly knowing your value. 
Global Magic Teleseminar Series
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Your Value is a Gift of your Spirituality.


It is the gift of love. When you can fully embrace your value… you will have full access to the miraculous beauty of your life’s adventure of joy, fun and success.

Join us for the
2017 Global Magic Teleseminar Series [$997]
with special bonus
The Valued Self Series [$197]
We are eager to support you. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this program.
A Note from Leza and Jeanine


Dear Friends,
Allow us a moment for this personal note. The Global Magic Teleseminar Series has a very special place in our hearts. These monthly calls are the touchstone of our community. It’s the best way for all of us to touch base and connect, to share our magic and remember that we are not alone as we blaze a trail of expanding hope for ourselves and for our world. You matter to us deeply. We feel your uncertainty and we see your courage. We are grateful for the opportunity to walk this path with you and offer our guidance in the ways that we do. Please join us on this sacred journey…
With love and magic,
Leza and Jeanine